Elin Gregory is lucky enough to live in one of the lusher areas of the UK. An unashamed country mouse, she revels in the cool greeness and only makes brief forays into the cities when necessary.

She can't remember a time when she didn't tell stories and she started to write them down as soon as she could hold a crayon, but she was convinced at an early age that writing stories and writing novels were two very different things. Writing novels was for intense, intelligent people, generally men, who would get on the BBC and talk to Melvyn Bragg.

It has taken nearly 50 years for her to grow out of that conviction and realise that almost anyone can write a novel - or novella - or short story. One only needs imagination, respect for ones subject and enjoyment in the use of language plus the backbone to share what one produces. The first three she possesses - the fourth is coming along a step at a time.

Elin is married with 2 grown up children. Her family has virtually nothing at all to do with her work other than by interrupting it regularly. She works in a museum that provides far too much in the way of possible stories. Her WIP list is enormous.

Elin is on Twitter - @ElinGregory - and Facebook, intermittently, and blogs on Livejournal.

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