Sunday, 31 July 2011


I hope - possibly.

My story "Alike as Two Bees" is finished apart from being sent to my beta so she can tell me what I still need to do. It is almost twice as long as the first draft and I'm expecting to have to cut some of it. I'm sure there are bits I've put in out of nervousness.

But anyway, it's DONE and I'll celebrate by posting a little bit I haven't posted before:

Philon had been kissed before, once by a girl, once by another youth, but never like this. At first a gentle pressure of lip against lip - they were of a height so it was no effort at all, no reaching up or bending of the neck. Philon heard Hilarion take a deeper breath so did so too, scenting warm clean sweat and horses and olives and perhaps a tang of thyme honey. It was a good honest smell and he sighed and took another breath. Hilarion’s lips moved against his - a smile? - then the strong hand on Philon’s jaw tilted his head, and he felt the flicker of a tongue against his lips. The heart under his hand was racing now as they moved further into the shade.

That shallot - as my grandpa used to say. :D

Now I'd better get on with my pirates, though I have nine tenths of a contemporary short partly written with a friend that could be finished with a bit of effort.


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