Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's been a long old week

Lots of real life stuff going on to interfere with calm and collected internet based activities. I think the low point was having to go through the dustbin to try and find my husband's car keys, though my daughter turning up this morning with an infected lip piercing comes a close second.

However, the keys were found and TCP was applied and I am soldiering on with my pirate novel. 84K words now and I'm nearing the initial climax.

I say initial because there are 2 threats to the well-being of the protagonists and it's not convenient to see them off simultaneously. It would be interesting to know how people feel about that. Does it work better with one clear danger, one climax than a resolution or is it okay to solve one problem then up the stakes with the other? Or am I just writing like that to put off having to write smut for as long as possible? [Quite probable in my case.]

I've also made a start on planning for my Nanowrimo attempt. Dark Ages m/m romance with a death count that out does Hamlet. This will be the first time I have set out to write something where I KNOW I'm going to have to kill off characters I've grown fond of. I just hope I have the bottle to do it when the time comes.

My WIP list is growing. 2 more urgent ideas in the past week. Both have been added to the "For Future reference" list. I hope I live long enough to do the best ones.


  1. Oh, I love it when one problem is solved, you think the h/H is safe...and then wham...something bad happens again.
    Grace x

    On the subject of piercings- my son now has several and I usually only realise when he has a new one when the lingering smell of TCP follows him around.

  2. Hi,

    Hee hee: Old South Wales! I'm in Pembrokeshire.

    Oh I love it when problems are mounting in a novel building the tension and causing mayhem. Even better as one is resolved and another takes precedence.

    Ooooh gawd. A needle to save life is okay, piercings for the sheer hell of it make me cringe. ;)