Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Slow Progress

I don't know - I think these stories are cursed. The past week has been painfully slow progress and now I've shot myself in the foot by buying some work of reference that should make the stories much richer and more relevant to the period. Reading is great fun but it aint writing and so I'm way behind. I have to get myself sorted out before Nanowrimo - it's only a month!

Eleventh Hour has grown a bit:
I've been making myself giggle which can be a good or bad thing. Not many people share my sense of humour. But I've had to revise my ideas of how long the story will be. At first I thought it might go to 25K but now I think it might be longer. I'll assume 50K and if it falls a bit short that will be a great relief to my beta [whoever is brave enough to step up and volunteer].

On a Lee Shore has grown a little too:
I think that might go to 100k and need cutting but that's okay. I just want to get it finished.

I would post snippets if I could figure out how to 'hide' them but I think having too much in a post makes the post look untidy.

OH!! And congratulations to Josephine Myles who's first novel "Barging In" is available now from Samhain! Love along the waterways of England. Super!

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