Thursday, 5 January 2012

I have until Tuesday to condense approx 2000 years worth of history into about 3000 words, keeping it factually accurate, making it entertaining and adding a special section about the importance of women.

Writing fiction is SO much easier!

Speaking of which, I haven't done much lately due to a combination of Christmas, cold weather and the hostile takeover of my office by my daughter and her minions. That'll teach me to keep it tidy! Over the weekend I'm going to make it really messy, that should keep her out.

I have written 300 words since January 1st. Pathetic. But it made me giggle very much to write our hero waking in bed in just his drawers, chained by the wrist to the bedpost, then subvert the trope by making it nothing whatever to do with sex. I'm so easily amused. :)

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