Friday, 9 March 2012

Sunshine award!

Surprised and pleased to get this today from my mate and beta extrordinaire Sue Roebuck. :)

To conform to the rules I have to list 10 things that make me smile.

1. Robins!

2. The way a cat will close its eyes when it decides it can trust you.

3. The stupid expression on my dog's face when I scratch his chest.

4. That moment in a story when I realise that something I put in chapter 2 means I can do something REALLY cool in chapter 8 and it will look as though it was planned.

5. When I get the perspective right in a drawing.

6. That moment during research when I come across something that fits perfectly with a vague plot idea that I really wanted to do.

7. News that a friend's medical check up went well.

8. Jupiter looking especially magnificent at the moment.

9. Getting good feedback from someone I respect.

10. My friends make me smile. You know who you are. :D

Passing it along to:

Catherine Cavendish
Ute Carbone
Dianne Hartsock
J A Cummings
Jess Lansdel

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