Sunday, 11 March 2012

Surprised and delighted

And totally gobsmacked to have got a four star review from Speak Its Name! If you are a fan of historical LGBTQ fiction and aren't familiar with the website, they are trying to make a comprehensive list of all the titles every published and to review most of them. This is a BIG job especially since it's a popular genre now and the list has new titles every month. The List does all kinds of damage to my bank balance!

Also delighted to recommend this blog to any one who enjoys writing historical fiction. Not only is Ms Bolich an accomplished fantasy author but she is an expert in the care and use of horses. Her blog posts about horses in fiction are both educational - I have to admit to neglecting to consider some of the things she mentions - and inspiring.

AND I've been hosted again at the lovely blog of the equally lovely Kay Berrisford, whose new novel, Bound to the Beast, will be out soon!

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